Okay, I lied. There is absolutely nothing simple about the love we have for Nashville singer-songwriter, Lindsey Lomis. There's surely nothing simple about her love and passion for music. We got the opportunity to sit down & chat with Lindsey before the show, and she exuded a kindness that is very hard to come by these days, just genuinely such a humble and inspiring person. From a young age, Lindsey was surrounded with music, especially growing up in Nashville. According to Lindsey, she found her passion for singing as soon as she was able to speak, and started learning how to play guitar around the age of 11. This gave her the opportunity to attend music and singing camps which helped guide her and really immerse herself in the music community. She grew an admiration for independent female artists, and always knew that she would be welcomed to the stage. With influences ranging from Allen Stone to Tori Kelly, Lindsey found a way to be the perfect combination of both, while still being able to stay original and add her own magic touch.
We were able to catch Lindsey to see her return to the Troubadour, this time opening up for Joshua Bassett. While there are many different musical elements in Lindsey’s music, she kept it real and performed just her and her guitar, and let me tell you, it blew me away. Without performing with a full band, we really got to focus on her stellar guitar playing and beautiful vocals. Lindsey was greeted with so much kindness and enthusiasm from the crowd, and kept everyone in a trance with her performance. She also, of course, had to prepare the fans for Harry Styles coming to town with a cover of “Watermelon Sugar”, everyone was dancing and singing along (us included of course.) Unfortunately, the tour has already wrapped, BUT, we’re already awaiting Lindsey’s return to LA. She just dropped the acoustic version of her song “die with my friends” and a stunning video to accompany it. Check it out here!

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