I don’t know about you guys, but I personally cannot stop thinking about The Greeting Committee’s show at the El Rey this past Monday. Our team was able to catch the show, and I was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of talent from the band and their opener, Aidan Bissett. Believe it or not, this was actually my first time visiting the El Rey, and it easily became one of my favorite venues. Sometimes venues can make or break a show all on their own, but this venue was so comfy, you didn’t have to be on top of the person next to you just to see the artist, and everyone on the staff was so helpful and kind. Anyways. Let’s break down what happened on Monday.
We actually got to the show maybe 10 minutes before Aidan went on, and we were still able to secure such good spots near the front! As the curtains opened, an eruption of cheers and screams came from the crowd, and people had even made signs to show their support, it was super cute. As far as Aidan’s performance? He’s a total rockstar. Him and his whole band had the energy up from the moment they came on stage, and that energy coursed through the rest of his set. He even performed a cover of “Yellow” by Coldplay, and it was so well executed you would believe the song was his own. Even though there were a lot of long time fans in the crowd, Aidan’s music was still so intriguing and inviting to those who were hearing him for the first time, (me being one of them) and it was easy to see how impressed everyone was by his talent. He also had many friends and family there to welcome him back home for the night before continuing the tour, and it was really sweet to see the reactions from them, just SO proud of him. He’s definitely an artist I would love to see perform again, and hopefully we get to catch him again soon. Check out Aidan’s latest here! 
As if Aidan Bissett’s set hadn’t already blown me away, The Greeting Committee made sure to leave a lasting impression. This was my first time seeing them live, and they for sure fall under the category of band who is already so good, and yet somehow even better live?! They started with a slower, peaceful intro before curtains opened, but then once they did, we found ourselves in the middle of a dance party. The band had such good chemistry and seemed really in touch with themselves and their music which is always a reassuring thing to see as a concert goer. My favorite songs of the night were “Sort of Stranger” and “Can I Leave Me Too?”.  I was so captivated by their performance and they honestly just exceeded my expectations. It was easy to see that the rest of the crowd felt the same, everyone was dancing and genuinely having such a good time all the way to the end, even by helping out lead singer-Addie Sartino, with a cute little crowd surfing moment. The band still has a lot of US tour dates before they wrap in December, so if you’re able to catch them, you’re not only paying for some great live music, you’re also paying for such a fun experience. Listen to The Greeting Committee’s latest single here! 

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