Performing to a sold-out crowd in Anaheim, California, Steve Lacy shows up to House of Blues Anaheim. The night started with opener Fousheé amping up the crowd. Hitting the stage like a big ball of energy, she was able to create an atmosphere that was inviting and exciting, building up the energy and ambience for the rest of the night.
Once the stage was cleared the anticipation for Steve Lacy began to build. Lights fell, and the crowd  to go wild. As Steve Lacy came onto the stage, the energy was electric. Steve performed some of his more popular songs like Static, Bad Habit and Dark Red.Having seen a lot of his performances throughout the past year, this show more than special. Everywhere you looked you saw people smiling and dancing, the vibes were high and people just genuinely looked happy to see Steve Lacy. 
Overall, the show was definitely a 10/10. The music was great, the vibes were great, and the crowd was so passionate and friendly. Steve Lacy will continue with his tour, but this time he will be touring in Europe. If you have the opportunity to see Steve I highly recommend it. 

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