Singer/songwriter Tiffany Day has captivated our hearts and has created multiple anthems for anyone in their healing era, and we were lucky enough to hear them on tour while she opened for Blu DeTiger. Day had the crowd dancing and so invested in the performance, the way she ruled the stage was remarkable. Her energy was contagious, and really built up the hype not only for herself, but for Blu shortly after, it was very trance-like. (Also, her fashion sense is perfect and I would pay her to be my stylist lol.) The whole performance made me feel like I was watching a dear friend perform, simply because of how vulnerable Day allowed herself to be with the crowd, and also because of how easy it was to see how much her songs mean to her. It can be tricky sometimes to allow an audience to hear such personal sides to yourself, but she executed it flawlessly, and left the audience wanting more, letting everyone connect with her in different ways.  Personally, I love being able to see the quick but steady progression of different artists, which is why I thought it was so neat to see Day go from casually posting a video of herself singing to Twitter, to now being able to go on her own headline tour this spring, “The Gratitude Tour”. Day has found her own unique way to pour all her emotions into her music, from different stages of heartbreak, to finally moving on and healing. As if I wasn’t already impressed with her enough, she also takes the reins on her music by producing mostly everything herself, allowing us to really experience Tiffany Day. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for her, and we can’t wait to see her back here in Los Angeles at The Roxy in April. 

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