Valentine's day is well over, but luckily rising LA artist Comfort Club has us covered year round. A new release from Colin has been long overdue, especially after a few weeks of teasing music on social media platforms, including TikTok. His new single "Not Over Falling For You Yet" released this past Monday and as always, we can't get enough of this track. 
With a grasping guitar riff, and amazing yet subtly painful lyrical content, Comfort Club gives us a little insight to what it's like to fall for someone when you're not quite ready to fall in love yet. When we spoke with Comfort Club, we were able to learn what he wants his listeners to gain from this release specifically. 
He explained to us that he actually wrote this song mainly in a bedroom that he was renting out of his friend's apartment in Los Feliz, a section of Los Angeles. He stated that he "treated it like a studio and would drive there everyday as if it were a job". He also elaborated on how it was a fun process and even came up with a multitude of other songs during this period of his career. Hopefully we get a sneak at some of those songs soon. Being an up and coming artist as talented as Comfort Club isn't easy, but he expressed that he definitely misses having a space to create, the process that came with it, and would love to do it again sometime. We're hoping that time is soon because we've added it to almost all our playlists!
We first heard this song live at the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles a couple weeks back, and have waited for the release ever since. As stated before, the lyrical content is quite literally the greatest thing to be created. Containing a catchy chorus with lyrics like "I miss you every chance I get/Can't get you out of my head/Thought we'd burn out but now instead/I'm not over falling for you yet", this is definitely one of those songs for feeling like either a hopeless romantic or disgustingly in love. However, the track was inspired by the "feeling of having someone pull the rug out from under you when you're falling in love and " the thought process that you're having to stop yourself from falling in love with somebody before you're ready to". 
Though it sounds like a track that could potentially be your sad summer anthem, Comfort Club put the best spin on it. Taking a more positive aspect of the terrifying experience, he hopes to have his listeners enjoy the ride of it all. Hoping that you don't relate to it, as it's painful, it can be a beautiful learning curve as well. 
Alongside of the track, Comfort Club uploaded a music video to accompany his release. The video is so heartwarming and wholesome, as it is a compilation of his friends and fans with their partners doing things that show them in love. Just a warning though, if you're on the side of TikTok where people hate couple videos, we don't advise watching this video. If you love love, this is the song and video for you. 
All of that being said, we hope we convinced you enough to listen and stream this song, and all other releases from Comfort Club. He's been our radar before we even began and he's growing pretty fast. Be sure to get in before so you can be a part of  the Spotify Billions club. 

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