While recently surfing the web to discover new music, I came across a new found gem. Currently on repeat, “Famous” by Mccall has created a storyline of flashbacks and present day of a person who’s forgotten their life before they were famous, and being a friend who’s reminiscent of their connection before fame. 
As she transitions from her original indie-pop sound into a genre she calls “rock [music] for hyperpop kids”, she finds inspirations from other artists such as Prince and Cautious Clay. “Famous” differs quite a bit from her original sound in her debut EP, “Under the Reign” which was a little bit more pop, mixed with influence from the Renaissance period for her lyrical outcomes. She then transitioned  into more ballad-pop with her second EP, “On Self Loathing”, which was released in 2020 during COVID-19 quarantine. 
Within her newest single, “Famous”, McCall creatively articulates lyrics such as “Rumors/That’s how I hear from you these days”, in verse two, to express her feelings of a lost connection with an old friend. Another great lyric that I really connected with while listening to her song was “I still hear your voice in my head/But I only see you out with your new friends/Living through their blurry images”. This lyric was strong in creating an image and narrative of how a friend can easily ghost you after finding a newly found rise to fame.
When I had the chance to speak with McCall on a very brief basis about the main focus of the song, she said that [it was very much inspired around] how the kids nowadays say that “I liked them before they were famous” when an artist or icon becomes popular. 
She also created a visual universe and storyline, with the help of Keegan Burckhard, that is a beautiful narrative that includes flashing lights and a depiction of her artistic style. You can stream “Famous” below, as well as her music video. And if you’re lucky enough to be local to the Los Angeles area, you can see her live and in person on March 24, 2022 to get a head start on knowing her before she was famous.
Keep up with McCall on her socials below!

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